Privacy Policy

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Email Privacy

Top US Online Casinos ( will never spam your email if you have chosen to share it with the website. The website uses numerous tools that would prevent users’ emails from being spammed. The website also guarantees the privacy of any email address that is provided to the website through Newsletter registration. The website will never share these emails with any third party and the email list will never be sold to other websites for advertising purposes. Also, these emails will never become public without the consent of the users. Lastly, all of the emails that are received or sent by Top US Online Casinos are legally binding.

Casino Information Sharing

Top USA Online Casinos ( will never gather any information about the users who are browsing the website. The website will only gather information if the users give their consent. The data that is gathered is for the website only, which means that this data will never be rented, given out or sold.

Browsing and Cookies does not require the storing of cookies on the browsers’ computers. If browsers do not allow cookies to be stored, they will still be granted access to the website and the ability to utilize every aspect of it.

Changes of the Privacy Policy

Top USA Online Casinos has the right to make any changes to the privacy policy by adding or deleting any conditions or terms at any given will also give users twenty-four hours before implementing the changes of the policy as a courtesy to these users.

Credit Card Info does not ask or accept any information about the users’ credit cards. If the website ever asks or requests such information, they will never be stored or saved on any of the site’s servers to guarantee the safety of these cards.

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